A Lifepath Testimony


My name is Permon Thomas, and I am a graduate of Phase 1 of the LifePath Group Project prior to my august 1st 2015 release.


Being a prison minister, Certified Law Clerk and correspondence college student I thought I had it all together for many years not knowing that I was lacking in many areas of my life and unprepared for my upcoming transition from prison to society after 20 years and 7 months of incarceration. When I met John H. Massie, Jr. and was introduced to Lifepath I began to be fully equipped in my Total Person to face the inevitable challenges I would face upon my release.


The LGP courses not only helped me practice functioning in a community setting, but they also helped me put my visions and goals in their proper perspectives while teaching me how to plan and strategize for future events to ensure success in all my endeavors. They helped me to effectively communicate better and build a business plan, etc., things that eluded me for years while I was stuck in my criminal mindset which led me to a life of crime and a life time of incarceration and ultimately a 30year15min. man. sentence, which I served 20years and 7 months.


In LifePath I became a facilitator, planner and coordinator trainee as trained by John Massie and Chaplain Mike Hicks. I worked closely with the peer and staff leaders to ensure accountability and integrity.


Upon my release I was appointed as the “ Outside Coordinator of South Florida for the LifePath Group Project” and am doing all I can to make the Program successful in creating True Ex-Offenders, inside of prison and outside. Another accomplishment is being appointed the Coordinator of   Ft. Myers for the “Angel Tree Project” of  Prison Fellowship Ministries with Tyrus  Mcloud.