The mission of the LifePath Group is to help those incarcerated find a path that will lead to a permanent, positive change.


 Our Mission



The mission of the LifePath Group is to help those incarcerated find a path that will lead to a permanent, positive change. The LifePath Group is not concerned with the nature of a person’s crime nor his or her sentence; instead, the mission is about the quality of life currently being lived and affording the participants the best possible opportunities for personal growth and development now! Participants will be encouraged to find a LifePath that will lead to a new and different life today.


The Re-entry Assistance Program Networking System (RAP) will facilitate that process by developing a Personal Program Profile designed specifically for the individual participating based upon his needs, desires, and current level of change. The LifePath Group members will mentor this process.


LifePath equips inmates to take personal responsibility for their life. LifePath creates a culture of Self-Policing among inmates for the sole purpose of growth of the inmate inner integrity. This creates a very desirable atmosphere in dorms designated as LifePath only.




The LifePath Group will be sponsored by Certified Volunteers, Advocates for Social Change and Prison Reform. The LifePath Group will also include Departmental Staff and Inmate Mentors.


The cost of operations will be almost zero to the Department and the benefits priceless because the LifePath Group will utilize DVD’s, live theatre (skits), printed material, and special guest speakers. This of course is already in place with all of the current programs under the banner of education, which is where the LifePath Group will begin.


Every effort will be made to establish the classroom setting where the change process will continue and accountability will begin. Meetings began Thursday, January 6th, 2011. Meeting times will occur in similar fashion as with A.A. and N.A.


The LifePath Group desires all staff to be involved to whatever degree they feel compelled. The reality is only those interested and available will be involved. Staff members have already embraced the need for helping others particularly those less than 25 years of age and/or those coming to H.C.I. after spending time on close management or in other more restrictive facilities associated with disciplinary issues, as well as those projected to leave prison within the next year.