The only membership requirement will be to have active attendance, participation, and a commitment to the group project, along with entering the RAP Network within the frame work of its Personal Program Concept. Each member voluntarily signs a contractual agreement to abide by all of the rules of participation.


We have a fairly simple plan to equip Caps, 4 Phase Focus, Character Qualities, the Hood Series, DIRECT and Keys 4 Successful Living and Re-entry in small group sessions and one on one encounters. All of these programs will be done at almost no cost to the Department of Corrections.


The above is in addition to what is currently offered in terms of Employability Skills, Values Clarification, Winning Communication Techniques, etc.


Of course we want to expose those targeted and all inmates for LifePath to the above programs as well because they need to find their New LifePath. Currently over 400 inmates at Hardee Correctional Institution, Florida are voluntarily enrolled in the LifePath Group Project and Programs and beginning registration at Charlotte Correctional Institution, Florida is above expectations.