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 Finding Responsible Solutions For Life’s Challenges


Living, Mentoring, Advocating, and Networking, A New LifePath


For men/women who have 5 years or less sentence; are parole eligible; serving extended sentences; sentenced to life without parole and anyone seeking a permanent positive change process, irrespective of their sentence, crime, age, race or beliefs. This program is different from others because inmates basically organize, facilitate and hold one another accountable through complete transparency with higher standards and monthly reporting to all concerned parties.


 The LifePath Group Project will promote Social Change, Prison Reform, and Successful Re-entry efforts through positive Life Styles, and Mentoring. We believe in finding a LifePath that will lead to positive, personal growth and human excellence is the development necessary in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Living, mentoring, and advocating re-entry efforts through weekly group project meetings, daily mentoring, and accountability will be one of the cornerstones for The LifePath Group Project. A major focus will be encouraging and motivating participants to get involved in as many Re-entry efforts as possible; instead of participants attempting to do the minimum.


LifePath will motivate the participants to maximize their participation by learning to manage their time more efficiently, and prioritize each day remaining behind the fence. Goal Setting and Achieving Techniques introduced in Caps, 4 Phase Focus, Character Qualities, the Hood Series, DIRECT and Keys 4 Successful Living and Re-entry will be applied in small group sessions and one on one encounters. We need to hold inmates to standards that will encourage them to be successful NOW! A person should not wait until released from prison, his or her first parole interview, having a case reversed, or once their sentence ends; because that will be too late.


We use common experiences, circumstances and current conditions to demonstrate the need for a New LifePath. The benefits of being a part of the LifePath Group are many. The sponsors, advocates, mentors and participants will network with RAP to help facilitate the LifePath Mission. Our targets will be those within range for all re-entry efforts. We want every inmate given to change to be allowed to participate. Change must be inspired and motivated. Our mentors will do this and the weekly meetings will be based upon current re-entry issues. A person still thinking as a criminal will remain one, no matter his or her level of education or number of vocations. LifePath mentors will unveil irresponsible, common thinking errors, and provide correctives.

Currently the program is having huge success at Hardee Correctional Institution, Florida with over 400 inmates voluntarily enrolled, and has just begun at Charlotte Correctional Institution, Florida. The University of South Florida Criminology Department is excited about the program and is beginning a study to analyze effectiveness.




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